Reden auf der Freiheit statt Angst

An dieser Stelle dokumentieren wir die Reden, die auf der Freiheit statt Angst 2013 gehalten wurden – die Liste wird laufend während der Veranstaltung aktualisiert. Es gilt das gesprochene Wort. Sie finden auch Pressemitteilungen mit Zitaten.

The agencies tasked with protecting us have not only refused to protect us, they have actively betrayed our trust, destroying the personal integrity of otherwise good people, and created a world where we are all less secure by design. People should be able to trust their elected leaders and when that trust is eroded, we must replace them and ensure that the mistakes of yesterday are corrected for a better world tomorrow. Kick Merkel out, she has betrayed the German people by believing the criminal NSA and refusing to support the American people in their time of need. Strong cryptography implemented as free software, with open standards is what we need to begin to organize a resistance to the new tyranny of the modern era. The struggle before us is the meta-struggle of our era - our success is what will allow others struggling for justice to be secure in their activties, to be private in their lives and to ensure that the law is followed. The people charged with oversight of our spying agencies have failed us all - we cannot trust them – like the murdered Turks in the NSU scandal, the status quo has moved them to silence through great failure.
Die Rede ist vollständig bei der Freitag dokumentiert.

  • Christop Bautz, Geschäftsführer von campact: „Die Freiheit muss derzeit nicht am Hindukusch verteidigt werden. Die Freiheit müssen wir alle gemeinsam hier verteidigen! Gegen die Schlapphüte von Pullach und Berlin.” – Vollständige Rede wird nachgereicht.
  • Die Rede von Anne Roth gibt es hier in aktualisierter Fassung.