Kaili corruption scandal

Investigate involvement in chat control!

Eva Kaili, major proponent of chat control, has been arrested. Help us demand thorough investigations and the suspension of the legislative process on chat control.
Eva Kaili, surrounded by news headlines.

A corruption scandal is rocking the European Parliament: Vice President Eva Kaili, who represents the Greek social democrats in the EU parliament, has been arrested. She is one of the major proponents of the chat control proposal. We demand that the legislative process is suspended and that her role in it is investigated without prejudice. We need your support for this.

Eva Kaili (Social Democrats), a vice president of the European Parliament, has recently attracted attention with perplexing statements. This included conspicuously praising the authoritarian Gulf state of Qatar as if no criticism was warranted. She belittled the attacks on the political opposition in Greece with the spy software "Predator". Most recently she organised a promotional event on chat control. Now she has been arrested on suspicion of corruption.

Chat control is the plan of the EU Commission under Commission President Ursula von der Leyen (“Zensursula”) and EU Commissioner for Home Affairs Ylva Johansson to scan all digital private and public communications, to use client-side scanning to undermine end-to-end encryption on end devices, and to submit the free Internet to the control of EU authorities and large tech companies with extended upload filters, age control for online services, and website blocking orders.

Kaili is said to have been uncovered by investigations into the emirate of Qatar, which is currently receiving a lot of attention because of the Football World Cup. In the aftermath, the Socialist Group has called for the suspension of work on legislative procedures in which Kaili was involved. They wrongly limit this to the work on the Gulf states, ignoring involvement by Kaili in chat control.

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Eva Kaili sitting in the European Parliament. On the left there is a pen.EU Parlament / Stream