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40 Years of German Privacy Movement

Why is there such a great awareness for data protection in Germany? What are the reasons for this? And why do we – as Digitalcourage – stand up for privacy? Rena Tangens about her personal motivation and the history of the privacy…

Modern myth: Nothing to hide?

Anyone who is concerned with surveillance will hear this statement over and over again. Though dangerous and false, it is very persistent. And we are fed up with it. Ten points against the notion that you have “nothing to hide”.

Using Tails? Be careful with embedded metadata!

Embedded metadata can reveal who edited a document. We tested the Metadata Anonymization Tookit (MAT – included in Tails, a Linux version for anonymous communication) to see how such metadata can be removed. We found and reported…

State of play of internet freedom in the Netherlands

A new Intelligence and Security Services act in the Netherlands will allow the state to tap chat messages, email messages and the websites you visited in bulk. Where is the freedom going? Text by Daphne van der Kroft from Bits of…

Swiss surveillance: the full monty

In recent years, security-obsessed politicians and officials have been busy putting into place surveillance mechanisms while ignoring or even denying and perverting the positive effects of digitisation. The following text shows…

Surveillance in India

India is the most populous democracy in the world. And it is quite sophisticated when it comes to spying on its population. A personal account by Leena Simon.