English-speaking guests are welcome at this Friday’s BigBrotherAwards gala

At the 2016 BigBrotherAwards gala we will provide live interpretation into English for the first time.

We at Digitalcourage are busy preparing for the German BigBrotherAwards gala, which will commence in Bielefeld on 22 April at 18:00 local time (16:00 UTC). This year, we have a particular reason to invite international guests to the venue: live interpretation into English.

As usual, we are providing a live video stream in German and we have had almost complete bilingual coverage on our website for years. And the English translations for all award speeches will be published in parallel with the German originals on the night of the gala.

For the first time though we are going one step further: we will offer live English interpretation at the venue (obviously we should be able to just read out the translated scripts, but we will do a true live interpretation for everything else – our interpreters have a long history of doing that at the CCC Congress and Camp).

The interpretation will be available on our livestream page, in a separate player that will have to used in parallel with the main video player in muted mode. For visitors to the gala, we have a (small) number of headphones at the venue to hand out to those that need it. Also, we will record the English audio and publish videos with this audio track some time after the event.

Please let the office at mail@digitalcourage.de know if you are coming and want to use the headphones. You can buy tickets online – you can switch the page to English for payment processing but the product description is only in German, standard rate is 5 €, reduced rate 0 €. The office can also email you a list of hotel suggestions if you need it.