About Nuudel

Our tool for planning meetings and making polls is approaching half a million of active polls, so we can not offer individual help for more than a small fraction of users.

Deutsches FAQ • The German FAQ for Nuudel has more information. We hope to find time to translate the full document soon.

What is this?

You can create polls to arrange an appointment or other simple surveys on nuudel.digitalcourage.de. The Free Software we use is called Framadate.

What is special about this instance?

This server runs on our own hardware and does not do any user tracking. We deactivated access logging both in the Framadate software and in the webserver. No IP addresses are stored, only the content you enter into the forms. You can also decide not to specify an email address; in that case please make sure to enter anything ending in “@invalid” in the email field. If you decide to do this, you should create a bookmark for the admin pages of your polls.

Why can't I use images?

For privacy and IT security reasons, we have disabled this feature which would otherwise load external resources.

Who runs this?

This service is offered to you by Digitalcourage. It is free of charge, but if you would like to donate and understand German, you can use our donation form. You can also subscribe to our (German) newsletter for updates on our work. If you would like to donate but don’t understand German, we will be happy to assist you in English via email.

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